Empowering Women

CIDA believes that women have an important contribution to make in South Africa, both within the economy as well as in improving society as a whole. CIDA promotes the participation and empowerment of women in various ways.

1. Education
The CIDA Empowerment Trust deed prescribes that at any given time, 60% of the beneficiaries of the Trust are women.

2. Social upliftment
The CIDA Women on the Move programme aims specifically to mentor and encourage young women to make choices about their lives that will inhibit behaviour that makes them vulnerable to HIV transmission.

3. Management
The executive team of the CIDA Empowerment Fund consists entirely of women. They are investment professionals, who are passionate about empowerment through education, and more specifically, passionate about the empowerment of women through education. CIDA Empowerment Fund seeks co-investment opportunities with its black female executive management, in further pursuit of the empowerment of women.

4. Trustees
40% of CIDA Empowerment Trust's trustees are black women, thereby ensuring that the voting interests of black women are aligned with the requirements of the DTI's BEE Codes of Good Practice.

5. Chancellor
The Chancellor of CIDA City Campus is Mrs. Zanele Mbeki.


“The education offered at CIDA City Campus is designed to make students relevant, truly empowered, integrated citizens and leaders that are skilled and equipped to build the South African economy and society.”

- President Thabo Mbeki, addressing Parliament, 2001


“I believe the students at CIDA are using creativity and lateral thinking skills to a remarkable degree.”

- Edward De Bono


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