Our Mission

CIDA Empowerment Fund’s sole business objective is to secure a sustainable source of annuity funding for the CIDA Education group, enabling the latter to continue making a substantial contribution to the transformation of South Africa and the upliftment of thousands of impoverished South Africans through the provision of relevant education, skills development and business entrepreneur support.











““South Africa is inspired by the vision of CIDA Campus.”

- Wendy Luhabe


“WOW! Even after an 18-hour flight to the US, I am still high on CIDA! It was one of the best days of my life! I can’t wait to begin to tell the world about the miracle in Johannesburg called CIDA. CIDA gives me a completely new optimism for Africa. And WOW!!!!!"

- Tom Peters, author of Circle of Innovation and In Search of Excellence.


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